Popular Perspectives

Many members of the public came to believe the “scientific truth” of eugenics, which they encountered through eugenical propaganda. Leading eugenics organizations like the Eugenics Record Office and the American Eugenics Society were responsible for information released to the public about eugenics and eugenical ideals. For example, they published information in biological text books, articles in popular magazines like the Saturday Evening Post, and population studies. Eugenicists stated that traits like feeblemindedness and criminality were both genetically inherited and running rampant in the population. Negative characteristics like these divided the population into eugenically “fit” and “unfit” groups. Eugenicists also stated that those who were “fit” to carry on the human species were choosing not to reproduce, risking the genetic deterioration of the population. This perspective led many people to believe that the claims made by eugenics were scientific fact.

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