Range of Eugenical Interests


Eugenicists worldwide were interested in topics such as race, heredity and fecundity (the ability to reproduce). Sharing ideas and theories on these topics with their fellows from around the world was of great interest and importance to prominent eugenicists. The interest in these topics was manifested in international eugenics conferences, such as the one which took place in New York in 1932. The listing of exhibits at this conference highlighted the variety of research done by eugenicists around the world and showcased the topics that were popular with eugenicists of this time. Some of the topics included “Heredity and Environment,” “Mate Selection” and “Differential Fecundity.”


Image Source: International Congress of Eugenics, Eugenics Exhibit, 1932, Laughlin Black Photo Album , HQ 750 A3 16 1932D Pt.1, page 1, Pickler Library, Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri.

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