International Events

Eugenics was not merely a nationwide phenomenon; it encompassed a whole set of international connections from eugenicists all around the world. Eugenics spread far and wide across the globe and nowhere was its international presence better felt than at the several International Congress of Eugenics meetings held from 1912 to 1932. The first International Eugenics Congress meeting was held in London in 1912, while the second and third conferences met in New York in 1921 and 1932, respectively. Harry H. Laughlin was one of the leaders of the eugenics movement and his papers contain many items from the second and third of these international eugenics conferences. At these events, eugenicists gathered from all over the world to present their research on particular aspects of eugenics. Topics included family pedigrees, fitness charts, and even the inspection and labeling of colonial peoples. Places ranging from Kenya and South Africa to the United States were involved in eugenics and they coalesced at the American Museum of Natural History where they represented eugenicists’ research and biases, such as eugenicists’ biases towards native peoples, throughout the globe.

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International Events

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