Hybridized Populations

UntitledAmerican eugenicists frequently displayed nativist sentiments. Eugenicists believed that to keep the unique, hybrid American race “genetically pure” and “fit,” white Americans should only breed with other white Americans, or with people of Northeast European ancestry. C.M. Goethe founded the Immigration Study Commission, which was not at all a government run agency. Goethe financed and ran this anti-immigration propaganda outlet simply to lend an air of legitimacy to its work when newspapers around the country published its supposed findings. Harry Laughlin and Goethe frequently corresponded with each other to discuss eugenics. This letter is one of the many letters of the Goethe correspondence and he circulated it as part of the propaganda effort against immigration. A field correspondent, stationed in Smyrna, wrote in April of 1926 to inform the Commission of his biased opinion on immigration. The field correspondent was especially descriptive of a hybrid family in his writings and then he stated why such a mixed race of people would not benefit the American race from a nativist, eugenic opinion. The final sentence of the letter exemplified these views when it stated: “American experts are convinced of the profound wisdom of the Johnson-Reed Act in sharply restricting the quotas of nations containing areas of considerable hybrid population.”

Image Source: Immigration Study Commission, Field Correspondent for Immediate Release, 1926, Harry H. Laughlin Papers, C-4-1:2, Pickler Library, Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri.

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